Marriage Restoration


Marriage is a union of two people, but when God ordains it, and then it is super sweet and enjoyable.  There is nothing as precious as a marriage that lasts with God's blessings. However, you will find at some instance that your marriage is not going as you expect. You may find that your husband had turned into drinking, he being unfaithful or he had become violent towards for no reason.  If it is the wife, you may find that she I'd come late from a job, she stops being submissive and she even status being rude to you.


When this happens, you find that there are us no peace in your marriage, and if you don't take care, you will find that your marriage is breaking or it had already broken.

You will find out that many couples at due to the stress that comes with the situation in their marriage, they don't fit and talk, it seems for prayers to restore their marriage, but they end up separating or divorcing.


However, it is important to pray for marriage reconciliation and for sure His Will intervenes and restores your marriage.


Below are some of the ways that you can seek marriage restoration through prayers.


1. Talk to your church Counselor.

Your church minister is the best position to pray for the restoration of your marriage.  If you just go to him, share with him the problems that are in your marriage,  he will be able to counsel you, as well as pray together with you for a restoration if your marriage. Read more about marriage counseling by visiting


2. Fasting.

Another next way and that has been proven to work, fasting.  Set aside a day or two that you will fast, pray and repent all the sins that you could have committed and have contributed to the breaking of your home.  If you pray and trust that God will restore your marriage, he will surely hear you and restore your marriage.


3. Attend couples counseling retreats.

If you attend the marriage seminars,  you will feel so encouraged, you will find other couples that are facing challenges in their marriage,  and how will pray together do that God will restore your marriages.


Bottom Line.

If at any point you find that things are not going the right way in your marriage, you should not give up, get down on your knees and pray for reconciliation in your marriage. Marriage is sweetest when God is within it.

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